Tenor Wines

"To stand alone."
- Winemaker, Aryn Morell

            A continuous, unwavering course. With this in mind, our goal is to produce one premier blended wine each year using the very best barrels from the very best vineyards in Washington State. We’ve named this wine “1:1” (one-of-one); which stems from “new chapter, new beginning”. Similar to its name, we look at each vintage as a new chapter in the history of our winery and a new beginning for the “1:1”. Using the traditional Bordeaux red grape varieties, we create a blend that best reflects the respective vintage.  Each varietal is meant to support and add to the characteristics that the others varieties may lack- hence producing the most complete wine possible.

In addition to the “1:1”, we produce seven 100% single varietals each year. Only the varietals that show best in a particular vintage are chosen to be bottled and therefore verticals of these varietals are not possible. Our vision at Tenor is to shape wines that deliver finesse, refinement, power and grace.